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Salary vs. Opportunity :

As a Senior Executive Recruiter I deal with people looking to move into new positions on a daily bases. I have found that the older Generation, candidates with 8 – 10 years’ experience in field, are much more open-minded to move – even when the salary offered is less than what they are currently earning – due to the candidates knowledge of the market and the impact of the financial infrastructure in the business world.

The concerning part is that companies are looking for younger candidates with the experience of that of more senior experienced professionals; while offering a salary of a newly graduate. The challenge is that the younger generation feel they are worth more than what the starting salaries offered by companies are – and therefore do not undertake the new opportunities with both hands.

I have found when speaking to the senior experienced candidates that they are much more open-minded when it comes to salary packages and have a specific request to work at financially stable established companies. This would give a longer career path without the need of looking over their shoulder to see if the ugly face of retrenchment will rear its head any time soon.

Maybe it is because of the way I was brought up (I thank my parents for this everyday) that I believe you have to start at the bottom, bite on your teeth and work hard to reach the top and grow within a company. Yes it will mean that you might be underpaid but if you put hard work, the time and effort in your employer will notice and you will grow, note that I am not saying this will happen in 2 – 3 months’ time or even 6 – 9 months but don’t let a good opportunity go by, take it with both hands and make the most of that opportunity. I strongly believe if you put in the time, blood, sweat and tears it will be noticed and you will move up in the company with an even better salary package you ever thought you could receive.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, remember to physically work in the field is not the same as sitting in a class room to study for 3 – 4 years. I strongly believe that you will NEVER get the same experience in a class room as when you are working next to a senior candidate who has been hands on for over 8 – 10 years, who started at the bottom and worked his/her way up the ladder. The knowledge they carry with them only comes from practical experience and hard work.

So to the younger generation, here is my 2 cents for the day, DON’T just say NO because of the salary package, be open minded, plan ahead and look at your career growth within the company offering you employment and say Thank you for the Opportunity.

By Belinda Oosthuizen

02 December 2015.