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The 3 Most important Questions that YOU should be asking in an interview

The 3 Most Important Questions that YOU should be asking in an Interview


As a recruiter:

  • What else can I do for you to assist your successful search?
  • If you could picture your career Utopia, what would it look like?
  • What is your expectation of me?

As a candidate:

  • Why do YOU work here?
  • Why do you think I should work here?
  • What is it like on a bad day here?

As an employer:

  • What management style do you respond best to?
  • What pet hates do you have in a work environment?
  • What would keep you happy in your role here if you came to work for me?

By Asking these question you can determine whether the candidate is serious about the position and genuinely interested in taking on the role and building their career with the company.

Most commonly the main reason stated by candidates for leaving previous employment is the fact that they are seeking a better company culture. This allows for recruiters and employers alike to get “under the skin” of the candidate being interview to establish the candidate personality types and allows the recruiter and employer to establish if the candidate is suitable to their candidate culture.