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Why most people change careers?

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In this Blog edition I try to bring this up? In the recruitment industry when it comes to placing candidates with a more suitable job opportunity doing with the all process of recruiting itself such as: screening, shortlisting candidates. In the interview process one of the questions we often ask is: why are you looking to change career whilst in the meantime you are still employed?

The answer we get most of the most of the time would be: “needs more challenge and better income”.  I mean…, let’s face it is the world this days where the cost of living and their necessity is increasing are increasing.


Let’s looked the first reason:

  • Frustrated and bored in their current job

This is probably the most common reason.  According to an article in the Careers Advice, research has suggested that up to 80% of all workers fall in to this category.

The Company needs to dig deeper for the reason behind this; either caused by: monotone jobs description, lacking self – motivation and passion of the job itself.  Nothing is more frustrating to us as people spending most of our working hours doing something that we are not that good at.

  • Money..Money..Money

This can be measured as their salary and other possible incentives. Depending on their position this is an area we need to be careful in though. But money can often be a career change reason.  But we need to be extra careful on how we measure this. As this is not always the case as to why people needs a change of career if they are happy and satisfy working where they are.

What do we see as solutions?

  • Become achiever and get some bonus points = successful Recruiters
  • Fight exhaustion and get back to work = stay focus
  • Sleep, eat and exercise well = stay fit
  • Sees thing as an opportunity Not a Threat = positive attitude
  • Always aim high = successful achievement



By: Poppy Sewell